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Cleanstat offers a complete range of Cleanroom Solution to its customers from Consumables, ESD Products, Cleaning Supplies, Office Supplies to Equipment and Installation/Modification Services.

Cleanroom Consumables consists of tip to toe apparels such as wipers, swabs, applicators, face masks, gloves, finger cots, garments, bouffant caps, shoe covers, boots, foot wear and etc.

ESD Products such as ESD chairs, ESD wrist straps, ESD packaging, ESD table mats, conductive part bins, bench top ionizing air blowers, overhead ionizing blowers, ionizing air guns, ionizing air noozles, ionizing air bar, high voltage power supplies, static bar,  bench top ionizing air blowers, ionizing air curtains, surface resistance meter, ionizing air snakes, wrist strap checkers, foot strap checkers and etc.

Cleanroom Cleaning Supplies include sticky rollers, roller handles, sticky floor mats, tweezers, chemical & cleaning solvents, mops, vacuum cleaners and etc.

Cleanroom Office Supplies cover a range of stationary from papers, continuous printing papers, notebooks, clip boards, file holders, pens, labels, tapes and etc.

Cleanroom Equipment includes air showers, pass boxes, HEPA & ULPA filters, clean benches, Fan Filter Unit, HEPA boxes, pressure dampers, clean booths, shoes lockers, garment stockers, automatic doors, EBM blowers, conductive & dissipative tiles, PVC curtains and etc.