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Gloves: Widely of sizes (S, M, L & XL) supportive clean room.

• Nitrile
• Latex
• Nylon

Achilles Products

Cleaning Products

• Sticky Mat : Clean room sticky floor mats is a self-adhesive dust-removing product formed by the multi-layer Low Density.
• Sticky Roller : These durable foam clean room sticky rollers can help with decontamination by picking up particles and contaminates, as you dry-mop the floors, ceilings, and walls in a clean room. The clean room sticky rollers can be used on table tops, flat surfaces, textured surfaces, uneven surfaces, and hard-to-reach surfaces. The perforated sheets peel off easily from the clean room tacky rollers, making it quick and easy to clean a room.

Clean room Paper

Clean room ESD Shoes

• Conductive Shoes
• Static Dissipative Shoes
• Static Dissipative Safety Shoes
• Conductive Slipper
• Static Dissipative Slipper
• Conductive Boots
• Static Dissipative Boots
• Static Dissipative Safety Boots

Clean room Non-Woven Wiper

• Clean room Non Woven 600 Series
• Clean room Non Woven 400 Series
• Clean room M3 Wiper Series

Garment / Apparel :

Our Clean room fabrics are primarily composed of high multifilament yarn to insure maximum protection against contamination. Our Clean room fabrics are inherently lint free, high chemical and wrinkle resistance. We also provides a complete range of garment for all application.

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