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Cleanstat Thailand is the pioneer in providing a complete range of Clean room Solution from Consumable, ESD Products, Cleaning Supplies, Office Supplies to Equipment, Installation and Modification Services for Thailand Clean room Industry.

Since its establishment in 1999, Cleanstat has grown trendmendously from an integrated supplier to an ISO certified clean room wipers manufacturer. A land of 11,200 meter square factory was set up in Hi-Tech Industry Estate, with its full repertoire of manufactured products includes Clean room Wipers, Clean room Garments Laundry , Clean room Equipment & Installation services.

Cleanstat employs key technologies to meet the changing needs of customers by providing products and services of superior quality and value.

YEAR 1999

Cleanstat Thailand was established in Bangkok to capitalize on the large booming market in Microelectronics, Semiconductors, Hard Disk Drives, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Laboratory, Food Processing and Automobile industries.

YEAR 2001

Cleanstat Thailand expanded its business operation in Lumphum to cater to customers needs in Northern Industrial zones.

YEAR 2005

Cleanstat Hong Kong was established to serve customers in Hong Kong and China.

YEAR 2008

Cleanstat Thailand wiper production was set up to meet the stringent clean room wipers requirement with a diversified range of wipes wipers from controlled to critical environment.

YEAR 2017

Cleanstat Thailand Face Mask production was set up to cater to the Hard Disk Drives industry requirement of cleanroom Face Mask.

YEAR 2019

Cleanstat Thailand Hygienic Face Mask production was set up during the pre-Covid pandemic in time to support and supply Safe and Reliable Face Masks.

YEAR 2020

Obtain relevant certification of production for Medical Face Mask.

YEAR 2021

Cleanstat Thailand expanded new production lines to 3D Medical Face Mask to continue catering to the New Normal lifestyle with Safe and Reliable Face Mask.


Full range of certified Medical Face Mask supporting end users and OEMs.

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