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Meterial Type Color Size Part Number Package Type
Non Woven Wipers 600 Series White 6" X 6" NSXW5-NW400-66N 300PCS/PACK
White 4" X 4" NSXW5-NW600-44N-EK 1200PCS/PACK
White 6" X 6" NSXW5-NW600-66N-EK 300PCS/PACK
White 9" X 9" NSXW5-NW600-99N-EK 300PCS/PACK
White 12" X 12" NSXW5-NW600-1212N-EK 150PCS/PACK
M3 Wipers White 25CM X 25CM" NSXW5-M3-2525N 100PCS/PACK

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